Dedicated to merging the traditional architecture of Bhutan with the needs of our clients, the opportunities of modern building technology, and a sustainable future Employment.

At present there is a team of Engineers and Architects Leaded by Chief Architect Mr.Kiyosato Kaneko san and CEO,Mr.Kezang Dawa.

Tashi Dawa Associates entertains job seekers with interest and enthusiasm towards achieving the GOAL of the Company i.e to serve the Nation.Here we gain lot of experience by coming in unexperience. In the way each one of us become more practical oriented,giving one self to learn more about Engineering.

Objective in Market

No.1 Top Leading Consultant Firm in Bhutan.
Promoting the Professional quilty services.
Giving full satisfactions to the customer.
Those who Want a QUANTITY are not our customer.

Objective in Innovation

Environment Friendly Techniques & Materials.
Local Materials to be utilized as much as possible.
Solar Energy
Low cost Techniques & High Value

Objective as the society member

Beautiful architecture.
New Creation in the society.
Sharing a Dream with society in future.
Creating new employment.